Cyclogistics, night riding & the best bike light app

Forgetting to charge a bike light or forgetting the light altogether can leave you with a dangerous (and in most places, illegal) ride home.


As most cycling commuters know, Cyclogistics (the logistics of packing & remembering all the bits & bobs cycling commuters need to have), is part art & part science.

I’m still a novice artist / scientist of Cyclogistics. I am getting better at remembering to bring all my clothes on the commute but I still mange to forget to charge my bike light… or I leave it charging on my desk.


My current front bike light is the Moon Comet which you can buy online here or in a good store (I got mine at a Melbourne bike shop in Brunswick (can’t remember where, sorry!).

It’s a really good commuting light… as long as I remember to charge it and bring it!

One night after netball, when I my faithful little Moon Comet light had run out of juice, I spent a frustrating 20+ minutes on the side of the road trying to find a good bike light app for my 40 minute, 10km ride home.


I think I tried around 7 different bike light apps… some that weren’t even meant for bikes but were disco / party strobe lights.

The best Bike Light Apps in Google Play
So many bike light apps… and most are pretty crappy!

I didn’t think it would be that hard, it might have been something I was doing wrong but none of them seemed to function properly.

Because I was over it and wanted to get home, I ended up settling on an app which worked well as a bike light apart from the fact I had to touch the screen once a minute or so to keep it active. A very annoying, unsafe ride home.

I promised myself I would charge my light more frequently.


This week, I left my light charging on my desk at work and was again stuck with a dark ride home unless I could find an awesome bike light app.

I used a different app-testing strategy this time.


Instead of trying the top rated / first suggested apps that came up, I skipped a few pages and went to the less well ranking apps. I tried the aptly named Bike Light first.

bike light app

And… it was perfect. The exact bike light app I was after. Boom. 

Now I have a good back up plan in case my cyclogistic skills let me down.

Grab Bike Light App on Google Play. Unfortunately… looks like there isn’t an iOS / Apple version of the app, do you have an awesome iOS app for bike riding, let me know!

How do you handle cyclogistics? I would love to hear the hacks you tried when key items were forgotten.

Cheers Verity

P.s. There are lots of great articles on Cyclogistics, commuting by bike and the logistics involved, below are links to just a few:

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