8 ways to ruin your marketing – Part 5: Stuff up pricing

In this eight part presentation series, I briefly outline key ways you can ruin your marketing (so you can avoid them) and also highlight easy wins you can use to foster positive working relationships between the legal and marketing teams, who often have very different objectives and KPIs.

In Part 5 – Stuff up pricing, we look at three case studies of companies that got pricing wrong or tried to be a little sneaky with pricing and ended up in hot water with the ACCC.

Maths can be hard....
Maths can be hard….

There’s also a useful checklist at the end of the presentation you can use if your advertising includes any prices to ensure you’ve covered off key issues.

Click here to launch the next installment of 8 ways to ruin your marketing –Part 5 – Stuff up pricing.

Have you got any suggestions to add to the checklist for prices? What aspects of pricing give you headaches?


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