7 ways to get paid quicker and a $25,218.61 letter

When you’ve done the work, you should get paid. It’s as simple as that.

Imagine if you or I went to the supermarket, piled the trolley full and then left an IOU note at the self-service checkouts.

Unfortunately some business services and types don’t work like that. They are more likely to get paid after the services are provided or by installments.

These businesses often struggle to maintain cash flow because they haven’t built a strong payment timeline into their business dealings, they aren’t sure how long to wait before following up with a payment request or they don’t know how to word the reminder for payment.

Ensuring you maintain cash flow is key to keeping stress levels under control.

If cash flow is stressing you out or you just want to spend less time chasing payments, below you will learn how to:

  • Build a solid payment structure into your daily business habits.
  • Use proven psychology for following up on late payments
  • Fire off a payment demand letter that gets $25,000+ results within days (get the template version here)
  • Increase the chances of your invoices getting paid on time with three easy to implement ideas

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